The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is running a helpdesk service for the benefit of European and Japanese clusters, to help them identify potential cooperation partners in the reciprocal regions. Our Centre also intends to facilitate access to information on EU and Japanese clusters in general, on existing cooperation set-ups between EU and Japanese clusters, and on financing tools that may be used to foster future cooperation. Information on Japanese clusters on following link. Once the project is achieved, the cluster ends its activities sometimes leaving their online website without any clear information on the ceased activity this making the task to identify active clusters more complex. In some cases local Regional Industrial Promotion Agencies are supporting such companies in their internationalisation process. JETRO has developed a mapping tool that provides information about the industrial clusters major companies, related research institutions, main sectors, etc. The industrial clusters are not necessarily supported by a cluster organisation but are localised on a map. The report is based on a survey, in which 50 Japanese cluster organisations were contacted, and in the end data could be collected on 45 of them. Since the report release the cluster environment in Japan changed with many entities listed in the report ending their activities simply because reaching the end of their expected lifespan as defined at the time of their creation, or due to lack of new financial resources to continue their activities once the Governmental support ended. Following a fresh screening of the internet completed in May , many other entities either missing in report or in some cases recently established were identified and the ongoing international relations of the added clusters as well as the one listed in the report and still active, could be better assessed.

Cleantech Matchmaking Mission to Nanjing

Or sign up with your account:. Under this Preparatory phase, applicants are invited to propose preparatory actions that contribute to establish a “European Strategic Cluster Partnership — Going International” respecting all the characteristics defined in the Call, to develop a joint internationalisation strategy for the Partnership with common goals towards specific third markets and a roadmap for implementation facilitating the internationalisation of its SME members.

Small and medium-sized enterprises SME play a crucial role in reaching the objectives of the Europe Strategy1.

cooperation through the further development of the European to increase the internationalisation of SMEs and their integration into global value regions in the cluster-to-cluster matchmaking sessions of the Missions for Growth of the.

The main objective of this initiative is to implement a joint internationalization strategy to help SMEs exploit the opportunities for collaboration in two target countries: The Unites States and China. The ambition is that the project will help SMEs in the target markets, by identifying local market opportunities and by developing strategic partnerships with local stakeholders.

A great opportunity for European SMEs who are looking for business opportunities in the Chinese cleantech market. The EU-China Cleantech Campaign creates a stage for cleantech companies to flourish, with partners offering training, coaching, and financial support. Menu Luk. Se sitemap. Se projekter arkiv. Se arrangementer akriv.

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European Cluster Matchmaking Event Brussels, Belgium. Call for Expression of Interest

On this page, Small and Medium sized Enterprises will find information on specific European Commission funded supports which they can benefit from when starting or doing business with Japan. With over partner organisations located in 52 countries, the Enterprise Europe Network is the largest network of contact points providing information and support for SMEs in the fields of international business cooperation, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer and cooperation in EU programmes.

The Network is funded by the European Commission and its services are free of charge.

Tailored market entry support for Styrian SME. The European Cleantech Internationalisation Initiative (EC2i) integrates the goals and and Sweden (​Sustainable Business Hub) organised the first matchmaking mission in New York City.

The EU-Western Balkans cluster policy and matchmaking event is set up to support clusters as networking support organisations especially for SMEs, in their mission to open up new markets, to collaborate on cross-sectoral level and provide first relevant contacts to their members. The event represents a unique opportunity for European and Western Balkan clusters to explore common areas of interest for cooperation and build complementarities in terms of sectoral, value chain and market focus.

These activities are carried out to support efforts of cluster organisations in developing partnerships and business cooperation in European and global markets, for the benefit of their members. The European Cluster Collaboration Platform provides a visible framework for cluster collaboration and for subsequent events. It provides a wide range of information and services to facilitate the interaction between clusters, not only within Europe but also with international partners.

To check the agenda of the event please click here.


Providing support to SMEs has been a long-standing policy of the European Union, particularly helping them to establish businesses and succeed overseas. However, there are, he explains, various tools at the disposal of EU SMEs to help them internationalise and thrive. In a globalised world, SMEs need to be able to face up to increasing competition from developed and emerging economies and to plug into the new market opportunities these countries are providing.

the CLUSTER INTERNATIONALISATION PROGRAMME FOR SMEs in international study visits, partnering or “matchmaking” missions that facilitate finding Partnerships (i.e. European meta-clusters) by helping SMEs find easier access to.

The overall objective of the event was to foster collaborations between European and Canadian clusters for the benefit of their SME members. This is the first time we participated in a New Frontiers in Food NF4 mission and it has been a very interesting experience. The meeting with the representatives of other associated groups was constructive and we had the opportunity to share visions, business ideas and contacts.

In cursive we have visited TECPAR, and Meeting with various companies, where we have also made a presentation of ours and contacted possible collaborating companies. We would never have decided to go to the FFT [ November , As part of the New Frontiers in Food NF4 mission to Brazil November 4th to 8th, , the NF4 delegation travelled to Curitiba, Parana, where they visited with a number of key organizations and players in the regional food sector including those doing valuable work in the area of innovation.

November , During their recent mission to Brazil from November 4th to 8th , the New Frontiers in Food NF4 consortium with participating European SMEs had the opportunity to visit numerous organizations and key players within the Brazilian food sector particularly in the area of innovation. During this meeting the NF4 delegation heard presentations regarding the work of each of these players, allowing the European SMEs and Clusters to better understand the Brazilian industry.

This visit allowed participating European SMEs to gain valuable experience in the Brazilian marketplace and to better understand the innovation ecosystem present in the country. The NF4 delegation had the pleasure of being hosted by FoodTech Hub Brazil in Sao Paulo, who provided valuable assistance in the organization of the mission. FoodTech Hub Brazil is an association which links the various national players in the Brazilian food ecosystem, from government and innovation universities, technological centers , to industry [ With a population of over 1.

That said, it is crucial to study and understand the workings of this complex economy prior to attempting to enter the market. This report serves as an initial guide [


Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization, China has experienced environmental degradation. In response, the Chinese government has implemented policies to accelerate the deployment of environmental technologies in fields ranging from water treatment, clean energy, and air pollution to soil remediation. Because of this policy push, the Chinese cleantech market will reach EUR 2. To see more detailed information about the programme, please click here.

Based on your needs and preferences, we will facilitate tailor-made meetings with relevant partners and Chinese investors.

The TWEED Cluster, in partnership with 4 other European clusters (Austria, Denmark, of companies and SMEs, is pleased to invite you to a matchmaking mission in In conjunction with the European Cleantech Internationalization Initiative.

MobiGoIn-Action support potential business partnerships and technological opportunities in USA, Canada, China and Singapore to initiate business collaborations for companies in the field of smart mobility innovation in our two target markets Automotive and Smart Cities. The matchmaking will consist in B2B meetings and trainings. This event will be an opportunity for SMEs to work together, to valorise their own innovative aspects, to structure a joint competitive offer by building upon their mutual competences, and to set up strategic partnerships.

The Internationalisation Mission to China is a 4-day Mission that will be held 3 days in Ningbo and 1 day in Shanghai. The 4-day mission is expected to take place within the first two weeks of September. The Mission provides the opportunity to take part to a structured business program, to meet in person potential partners and local market experts, and to develop potential collaborations and cooperation opportunities with different stakeholders from WR2.

EU-Western Balkans Cluster Policy Learning and Matchmaking Event

After two years, four missions, four webinars, 6 business collaborations signed, several partnership agreement signed, more than meetings organized for SMEs in the targeted countries, a lot of European SMEs accompanied abroad and more… the EC2i project is coming to an end. We want to thank YOU! During the two years of the project, EC2i consortium attended different events. What was the purpose?

A decision has recently been made by the European Commission to retain the principle of a pre-study, in order Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs. cluster missions (outgoing and incoming missions) offering matchmaking such as cluster mapping, cluster collaboration, cluster internationalisation, and small-.

Call for expression-India-FV2. As part of a new policy aimed at promoting international cluster cooperation for the benefit of SMEs,. This action shall facilitate the internationalisation of European SMEs involved in these business. These events shall also contribute to prepare the ground for. The event will take place in. The European Cluster Collaboration Plat for m is the cornerstone of the European strategy in support.

The ECCP provides a wide range of in for mation and. In view of fostering closer cooperation worldwide, the ECCP has signed. The organisation of the matchmaking events is facilitated by a consortium led by the Fondation. Cleantech sectors. The second event focusing on Biotechnologies will be organised in Brazil, on.

Internationalization of SME´s Model