Big breaks come in all shapes and sizes, but rarely do they come as big as JaQuel Knight ‘s. D , Britney Spears , Tinashe and many others along the way. That’s a cool honor — Kanye got up to speak out for your video,” Knight says with a chuckle. So it was super interesting that the focus on it was living up to all the hype. We worked really hard on that video and only hope that people were able to take things away from it that will last a generation or hopefully a lifetime. Knight grew up in Atlanta and was introduced to dance after playing saxophone in his high school marching band, which is where he says he got his discipline — sitting in the sun for long hours, marching up and down the football field and the looming punishment of 50 pushups if he ever forgot his part. One day a friend invited him along to a hip-hop dance class, thinking he might enjoy it, featuring top choreographers of the time Shane Sparks , Dave Scott and Brian Friedman. That turned out to be an understatement, and soon after, Knight quit the marching band and joined a dance troupe, then started his own dance troupe and began performing all over the city at talent shows, celebrity basketball games, in local music videos and so on with one opportunity leading to another. It was maybe about 12 of us.

9 Traditions You Will Only See at a Ukrainian Wedding

In a traditional wedding, the wedding party refers to the group of people participating in the ceremony with the bride and groom formally, bridegroom. The bridal party consists of the maid of honor matron of honor if she is married and the bridesmaids. The groom is accompanied by the best man and the groomsmen. Finally, any flower girls and page boys including the ring bearer are traditionally included in the wedding party.

A guy in a Wolverine costume danced like Beyoncé on Halloween! Wolverine Nails, Single. Read it. This Tipsy Wolverine Nailed Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” Dance on Halloween TOP Best Viral Eye Makeup New Makeup Tutorial.

The eight-part series will span decades as it follows the legendary collaboration between choreographer Bob Fosse and dancer Gwen Verdon. Even if you’re familiar with their work, watching videos of Fosse and Verdon dancing is pretty much the perfect way to prepare for the show. So get ready to want to snap, slouch, and slither with the dance moves of this legendary couple over the years.

Most people know Fosse for his choreography in such shows as Sweet Charity , Pippin , and Chicago , as well as the film version of Cabaret. But you may not be as familiar with the dance talent of the man behind the style. But they are actors first and foremost, while Fosse and Verdon were dancers at their cores. So watch the real Fosse and Verdon take the stage in this collection of some of their most notable performances captured on film.

Check out Verdon’s pre-Fosse high kicks in the first minute of this clip from the Danny Kaye movie, On the Riviera.

The Best Men Wedding Band Playlist

If anyone ever asks the man in this video, “Do you even lift, bro? Throwing it back on a Monday. It’s hilarious and perfect and it will give you life today. Here are some more photos and videos of hot dudes working out on Porter’s Instagram page for, uh, investigative journalism purposes. Help save lives. United States.

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Sasha Fierce It explores men’s unwillingness to propose or commit. In the song, the female protagonist is in a club to celebrate her single status. Several news media sources named it as one of the best songs of , while some considered it one of the best songs of the decade. The song charted among the top ten within the singles category in several other countries. Globally, it was ‘s seventh best-selling digital single with 6. A black-and-white music video accompanied the single’s release.

The song and particularly its music video have been widely parodied and imitated. Several notable artists have performed cover versions. Media usage has included placement in popular television shows. Sasha Fierce.

Watch This Dad Go All out in a ‘Single Ladies’ Dance With His Daughters

The music video is in black and white. It consists entirely of women dancing in high heels, wearing identical, flesh-hugging outfits that expose their upper thighs. The similarities are intentional, as are the differences.

Ellen DeGeneres asked a bunch of Texas college kids to give their best Beyonce impersonation—and they didn’t disappoint. Students at the.

Despite the fact that I grew up in Ukraine my family moved to Canada when I was 15 years old , I had never attended a traditional Ukrainian wedding before and had no idea what to expect. To our big surprise, the wedding was far different from that. There was a civil ceremony, a white dress and a suite, a banquet hall, chandeliers, overflowing amount of food, and some dancing.

From the outside, the wedding looked similar to what you would typically expect to see in North America. His best man, along with his immediate family which also included my family, Max and I were allowed to come along for moral support. The girls worked hard to up the price of the ransom by stumping my cousins on questions about his bride every wrong answer required him to pay more , forcing him to shower her with compliments, and do whatever else was necessary to get him to drop more cash.

After about 15 minutes of laughter and solid entertainment for all, my cousin was allowed inside to get his girl. It is said that once the groom realizes that it is not his bride, he is asked to pay for the bride who is much more valuable. Blahoslovenja is a ritual that typically takes place shortly before the ceremony and involves the parents and grandparents giving their blessings to the couple. The couple and both sets of parents exchanged bows, and the parents gave the bride and groom their best wishes and blessings for a happy and prosperous marriage.

Almost every Ukrainian wedding ceremony will see the couple step on a traditional embroidered cloth referred to as rushnyk before they take their vows. Traditionally, the person that steps on the cloth first, will wear the pants in the family, so to say, and have the final say throughout the marriage. It seems that the groom almost always lets the bride step on the cloth first, a gesture that is both respectful and endearing.

13 Videos Of The Real Bob Fosse & Gwen Verdon Dancing — Including The One That Inspired Beyonce

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A water aerobics instructor at a resort in Spain dances an exuberant routine to ‘​Single Ladies’ that rivals Queen Bey herself.

Although not everyone decides to take the leap, the decision to spend the rest of your life with someone else is not something to take lightly. Perhaps accordingly, it makes sense that the wedding itself requires so much painstaking planning as well! There are flowers to buy, hotels to book, seating charts to arrange and so much more. Best of all is when the wedding party puts in some effort to do something special on the big day.

Although there are many different wedding stunts that can be planned, one that happens frequently is when the bridesmaids or the groomsmen do a choreographed performance. Gradually, they set him down in the middle of the dance floor and the music stops. They strike all the recognizable moves from the video before getting in a line. Although not all of the groomsmen are equally into it, the groom definitely gives it his all! Before long, the first group of men switches off and more men come in to help the groom out.

Once that one ends, everybody gets back on the dance floor in formation for a big finale.

The BEST 34 Dance Songs Of All Time

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Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). 2. Lauper, Cyndi. Girls Just Want To Have Fun. 3. Benatar, Pat. Hit Me With Your Best Shot. 4. Twain, Shania. Man! I Feel Like A​.

And when it comes to Greek weddings, well, there are even movies made about them! According to Greek Orthodox tradition, there are dates during the year that are considered good luck and others that should be avoided at all costs. January and June are considered good months for marriage. In ancient times January was the month dedicated to the wife of Zeus and the goddess of marriage and fertility — Hera. June became a special month after the Romans translated Hera to Juno and dedicated the sixth month of the year to her.

Some families still go through the ritual of making up the marital bed, while others think this could be considered an outdated tradition. The koumbaro or best man will shave the groom on the morning of the ceremony to signify trust. Then the close friends step in to help to dress him. The koumbara or maid of honor leads the bridal party to the bride to help her get dressed and ready for the ceremony. Iron is said to ward off evil spirits throughout the day.

So the groom should put a piece in his pocket! Couples invite an odd number of guests and invite an odd number of attendants to stand beside them as odd numbers are considered good luck. Odd numbers cannot be divided!

Brian’s Surprise Justin Bieber Wedding Dance for Emily